Special types of goods

Which shipments require special attention?

Special types of goods include shipments that require special attention during handover, storage, loading and transport because of their nature (hazardous materials, live animals, perishable goods, human remains, etc.), value (high value shipments), dimensions and weights (heavy packages) or state regulations (weapons, ammunition, etc.).


Special procedures are carried out for the purpose of safeguarding:

  • Means of transport,
  • Persons handling the goods,
  • Other shipments,
  • The shipment itself. 

Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport offers receipt, storage and dispatch of all types of special goods in line with applicable regulations.

Such shipments require special packaging, labelling and storage, so we advise you to talk to your forwarding agent before dispatch.

  1. In exceptional circumstances, a shipment can be received or released outside regular hours. In such cases it is necessary to state this in writing 12 hours in advance and to charge for actual work performed.
  2. For storage services beyond regular hours, the rate goes up by 100%.
  3. Storage fees for dutiable shipments that the depositor or agent assigns to the customs office free of charg, because of the expiry of storage time or any other reason, are settled by the depositor or his agent prior to delivery to the customs office.
  4. ABS (short for Avioblagovno skladišče - our Air Cargo Center) is responsible for damage caused to stored goods, except when it can be shown that such damage arose as the result of circumstances that could not be avoided or averted, or if it arose at the fault of the depositor, because of a defect or the nature of the goods, or because of poor packaging.
  5. Compensation for goods damaged, destroyed or lost through the fault of ABS, may not exceed the actual value of the goods or at most USD 20 per kg of the damaged or missing portion of the shipment. ABS insures stored goods against standard risks unless agreed otherwise between the parties. If an insurance case occurs, compensation is paid to the depositor by the insurer.
  6. As a rule, ABS receives only properly packaged goods at its warehouse, protected against damage that could occur from handling in storage. Goods must in particular meet the requirements for safe air transport.
  7. After 30 days of storage of a shipment in the warehouse, ABS issues the first bill for the payment of storage fees on the basis of the applicable price list. All subsequent storage bills are then issued on a monthly basis.
  8. The receiver of goods from the warehouse must inspect the goods and, if he discovers an irregularity in the goods, must notify the responsible employee at ABS.
  9. Otherwise it shall be deemed that the goods were received in good order.
  10. If the depositor is late in payment, statutory default interest is charged and the depositor is obligated to pay this upon receipt of the debit note. In the case of late payment, ABS may stop further performance of services, assert its pledge right on other stored goods, or cash in financial instruments for insurance of payment.
  11. The capacity of storage areas for special storage (refrigerated, freezer, etc.) is limited, and therefore we cannot ensure suitable storage conditions for unannounced shipments. In such cases ABS is not liable for possible damage. Major shipments must be arranged for in advance.
  12. For goods that require special storage conditions, all documents (the AWB and cargo manifest) must be visibly and properly marked. The AWB must include the storage conditions (Handling Information), and the cargo manifest must also bear the proper IMP code in addition to the type of goods. Individual packages must be visibly marked with appropriate labels (e.g., PERISHABLE) and a label that indicates the required temperature conditions of storage. If these conditions are not met, ABS is not responsible for possible damage.
  13. Basic rules and timing requirments that apply for export shipments
    Only shipments ready for carriage will be accepted on transport. This means:
    - the shipment is properly packed, safe for storage and transport by air,
    - the shipment is properly marked according to the weight,
    - the dimensions of the shipment may not exceed the dimensions of cargo compartment or dimensions of the aircraft compartment doors and
    - the shipment is properly marked to provide proper handling. It is also important that time requirments for receiving shipments and delivering documents are assured. Time requirments at Jože Pučnik Airport are: Time requirments
  14. In accordance with applicable law, all consignments must be security checked by X-ray or manually, if x-ray check is not possible.
    Aerodrom Ljubljana, d.o.o. may approve commercial discounts and other benefits to users on the base price of airport services. Commercial discounts can be granted to users according to volume and number of airport services and in the case of special business interest.
  15. All prices listed in the pricelist are given in EUR.
  16. VAT is charged to listed prices in accordance with applicable law.