Ljubljana Airport is a hotbed of opportunity. An opportunity to discover new horizons, to bring people together, and to build success stories in business. Will you use the airport to tell your own success story?  

A memorable experience that creates unique opportunities to communicate

The new passenger terminal and the renovated exterior at Ljubljana Airport grant passengers a unique and memorable travel experience, while offering advertisers new and extremely prestigious opportunities to advertise. You can aim your advertising campaign at precisely targeted groups of visitors to Ljubljana Airport, including those who are hard to reach through other marketing and communications channels.

Make a mark with creative stories

The world of the airport is intertwined with exciting moments in the lives of our passengers. Whether these are new adventures, business meetings and trips, or returning to the embrace of loved ones, they are moments that leave a mark. They also offer unique opportunities to stand out with creative storytelling, and to help make new stories. The brands that we notice at the airport are seen as established and prestigious names, often international, which also drives the subconscious memorisation of the product, and a decision to purchase.

Contemporary exclusive advertising space

With our new infrastructure of contemporary and exclusive large-format advertising spaces, and our network of traditional and digital media, we offer you the opportunity to reach travellers and visitors at any point of their journey through the airport. The rich range of advertising opportunities in Slovenia’s central passenger hub guarantees that your advertising message will be carried far and wide.

Take advantage of the exciting world of the airport to tell your story. Stand out and be noticed!

We connect brands with the airport audience, and build these relationships.

Follow us and discover how to take advantage of the advertising opportunities at the airport.

See some of the advertising opportunities for yourself

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