Business and private flights

General Aviation Centre

The services of the General aviation Center have been moved to the main passenger terminal. You will find it on the former location of the restaurant in refurbished premises, directly before the staff security control point to the left. Please follow signs VIP SERVICES, GENERAL AVIATION.

The crew and passengers should proceed to the staff security control point, that operates between 6:00 AM and 9:00 PM. Outside of working hours access to the platform is enabled through security checkpoint R1. In this cas a yellow airport badge is required or prior announcement to the e-mail address of the Security Operations Center

Services of General Aviation Centre:

  • taxiing passengers and crew to and from the plane,
  • assistance with customs and police procedures,
  • shuttle service to hotels,
  • hotel and car rental reservations,
  • liaising with fuel supplier, 
  • liaising with catering supplier,
  • all other aircraft maintenance and supply (electricity, water etc.),
  • cleaning the cabin,
  • aircraft de/anti - icing services,
  • use of the weather data computer,
  • information regarding flight plan and airspace restriction,
  • security services.

The airport offers numerous parking options either for those who drive to the airport by themselves or are dropped-off/picked-up.

Limitations at the airport

Based on the Aviation Act, the Ministry of Infrastructure issues permits for scheduled and special air transport. More detailed information about issuance of permissions is published in the Aeronautical Information Publication, GEN 1.2.

Airport is not slot coordinated (no airport slots required).

PPR (Prior Permission Required) is required by Fraport Slovenia for general aviation aircraft at least 24 hours before arrival, as stated in the eAIP (LJLJ AD 2.20). All requests will be finalized by the aerodrome operator. Crews of general aviation aircraft must inform the Turn Around Coordination (in person, by radio or some other way) enough time before departure.

Current information about the airport and flying procedures are available on website of Slovenia control and eAIP.

Payment for airport services

Airport services must be paid before departure in the Load Control office. Access is through staff securuty check point. 
Payment is possible in cash (EUR). We also accept the following cards: Visa, Master Card, Eurocard, Diners, BA Maestro, Air-Routing and Multi Service. Remote payment is possible by Master Card, Visa and Diners.

Fuel payment

Fuel is paid directly to the supplier (Petrol, d.d.).
Current information about fuel prices and payment arrangements are available on the following link:

Landing and take-off
Landing - M.T.O.W. EUR 8,50 / each started ton of MTOW
Landing – Potnik EUR 1,83 / departing passenger
Landing – Tovor EUR 0,01 / each kg of cargo on the aircraft upon arrival and departure
Parking – for each started 24 hours EUR 2,76 / each started ton of MTOW

The minimum amount for each started 24 hours is EUR 8,00.
First 4 hours for passenger aircraft is free of charge, first 12 hours for cargo aircraft is free of charge. In case of exceeding the free time of parking, the calculation period starts from the beginning of actual block-to-block time.

Passenger Service (General aviation)
Passenger service EUR 10,00 / departing passenger
Passenger service– transfer EUR 2,00 / transfer passenger

Exemptions: infants, crew-DHC, transit passengers using the international zone of the terminal building, passengers on panoramic flights, passengers on the single engine airplanes up to 2.000 kg MTOW, VIP passengers on VIP flights

Security charge
Security charge - passenger EUR 7,45 / departing passenger
Security charge – cargo EUR 0,01 / kg of cargo on the aircraft upon arrival and departure

Exemptions: infants, crew-DHC, transit passengers using the international zone of the terminal building, passengers on panoramic flights, passengers on the single engine airplanes up to 2.000 kg MTOW, VIP passengers on VIP flights

Centralized Infrastructure

Aircraft above 9.001 kgs MTOW

Centralized Infrastructures–Ramp EUR 20,00 / turnaround flight

Exemption: aircraft up to 9.000 kgs MTOW

Extension of operating time (General aviation)
Extension of operating time EUR 100,00 / each started 30 minutes

For the provision of necessary equipment and personnel to be rendered on special request out of official operating hours of the General Aviation Centre, a flat charge shall be paid. The services shall be charged irrespective of any other charges.

The General Aviation Centre operating hours is published in AIP – LJU airport.

Exemption: general aviation ambulance flights

Ramp handling
Up to 1,200 turnaround flight 24,00
from 1,201 to 2,000 turnaround flight 40,80
from 2,001 to 6,000 turnaround flight 73,80
from 6,001 to 9,000 turnaround flight 173,40
from 9,001 to 15,000 turnaround flight 275,50
from 15,001 to 24,000 turnaround flight 362,90
from 24,001 to 35,000 turnaround flight 517,40
from 35,001 to 50,000 turnaround flight 779,50

Charge reduction:

  • in case of position flight, for aircraft heavier than 9 tons M.T.O.W.       50 %
  • in case of technical flight, for aircraft heavier than 9 tons M.T.O.W.     50 %
  • for ambulance flight, for aircraft heavier than 24 tons M.T.O.W.           50 %

Reduction is charged per aircraft movement (i.e. arrival or departure).

The stated charges do not include value added tax (VAT). VAT is charged in accordance with applicable legislation.

Prices have only informative nature. For additional information, please write to: