Modern equipment, safe and fast services

The Aircargo Centre includes over 4,000 m² of covered storage area containing modern equipment for handling air cargo, aircraft loading and unloading and ramps for loading and unloading road vehicles. In addition, we house an up-to-date veterinary border post and refrigerated storage space for perishable goods.

Our security system, video supervision of handling and IT equipment ensure a fast and seamless flow of goods, data and information. 


Storage areas

Basic storage area 4,100 m2
Additional storage area 1,000 m2
Live animal space (AVI) 10 m2
Radioactive materials (RRY) 9 m2
Valuable cargo (VAL) 14 m2
Dangerous cargo container (DGR) 15 m2
Controlled temperature area (15°C - 25°C) 400 m2
Heated area 30 m2
Explosives (RXS) 6 m2
Coolers (2°C - 8°C) 100 m2
Freezer (−20°C) 10 m2
Human remains (HUM) /

Handling equipment

Linde E16 (1600 kg) forklift 12
Linde H30 (3000 kg) forklift 1
Linde H80 (8000 kg) forklift 1
Linde L12 (1200 kg) manual forklift 2
Leprotto towing tractor /
Mulag towing tractor 7
Linde towing tractor 1
Haiman X-ray machine 2
Scale for loads of up to 50 kg 2
Scale for loads of up to 1,000 kg 1
Scale for loads of up to 2,000 kg 8
Scale for loads of up to 3,000 kg 2
ULD scale for loads of up to 9,000 kg 1
Slave pallet mover for ULD 1
Area for handling 14 ULD units with a lifting platform and a capacity of 8,000 kg 1
ULD lifting platform with a capacity of 14 tons and height of 5.6 m 1
ULD lifting platform with a capacity of 7 tons and height of 3.7 m 2
ULD dolly cart 40